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We are an active team whose goal is constantly move forward, make positive changes in our country, and develop Ukrainian youth and society as a whole. We do not sit still but realise projects at different levels, find and create opportunities for development where necessary. Our team is young, creative and full of vigorous leaders. Together we can make this world and our country a better place!


Education our top priority, which we realise not only within the framework of the formal system, but through creative educational program, training, system developments. We work in the field of medicine, economics, security, thanks to the wide awareness of our team.


Since the beginning of the war, we have organised the work of the Centre for Adaptation and Reintegration of IDPs on the basis of our organisation, the Oriana Lyceum and with the support of other partner organisations, such as: “Sykhiv Media”, Charitable Foundation “Different People”, the “Guild of Teachers”. The purpose of the Centre is to promote social cohesion of communities, adapt individuals and meet basic needs.


The opportunity to hold an event together with foreign organisations seemed cosmic and impossible, 10 years ago. Today this phenomenon is quite normal, and the Society Initiatives Institute is the platform where the exchange of international experience is a springboard for further internship and work in organisations of successful Western countries.


During the period of active decentralisation, the carriers of these changes often do not understand the purpose of territorial communities and make mistakes that lead to irreversible losses. A clear understanding of the structure and functionality of the United Territorial Community is the key to the welfare of citizens, as well as the development of society itself. That’s why we’re here.

Що про нас говорять

Successful cooperation in the development of veteranism and assistance in the socialisation of veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian war has proved that such cooperation is one of the main priorities of the organisation team!

Ihor Florko
Member of “Veteran Media”

The world’s best pedagogical practises based on national pedagogical experience and a significant emphasis on the individual educational trajectory of each child. We create the future with respect for the past.

Halyna Tril
Deputy Director

I never regretted that I decided to cooperate with the organisation in creating a development strategy for the school. Creative ideas and professional approach allowed to create a good product and to inspire new projects!

Lilia Vavryniv
School principal

Skill UP was a cool and an unforgettable experience.

Thank you for giving us inspiration to create, and for the help and knowledge how to take responsibility and never give up. So, let’s hit this wall, together.

Maryana Hnativ
Youth Council of Boryslavska Urban Territorial Community

“SkillUP” is a camp that provided opportunities for the future. I am grateful for the opportunity to access information and development.

Ihor Martyn
Youth Council of Zhovkivska Urban Territorial Community

During the SkillUP lectures, Oksana Dzhus said: “You are the future leaders of this state!”

That’s why I thank to Society Initiatives Institute for its great efforts in organising incredibly effective camp that gave us knowledge and experience for further work on yourself and the restoration of Ukraine.

Anna Sobolevska

Founder of Charitable Foundation “Mriya”

“SkillUP” is inspiring, interesting and there are a lot of fun. It was cool and very valuable!

I am sincerely grateful for the organisation and lecturers, people who really motivate by their example to develop and strive for more.

Diana Donets
“My ART” platform

It was extremely special and interesting time in the camp “SkillUP”!

I am grateful for having the opportunity to study at the SkillUp camp and grateful for such an SII initiative.

Anastasia Tsebenko
Public Organization “Coral Art”

“SkillUP” was informative and interesting , the coaches who presented the information meaningfully made a pleasant impression.

The camp provided an opportunity to get new knowledge. I am grateful for this SII initiative, creating such opportunities for the youth of Ukraine

Ruslan Kostyuk
Founder of the “Legion Birky”

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